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The Burr Gardens - Today

The Burr Homestead and Gardens is used today for various noncommercial public and private events. It is also used for exhibitions and fundraising events sponsored by cultural, educational, civic and charitable organizations. The gardens have served as a stage for historic re-enactments presented by the Fairfield Museum. Fairfield residents enjoy strolling and having picnics in the gardens.


Our Plan for the Future

The Burr Gardens Advisory Committee (BGAC) was established by the Board of Selectman to improve and preserve the Burr Homestead Gardens to ensure its place in the unique history of Fairfield.  A new Master Plan designed to restore the gardens has been approved by the Town of Fairfield.  The design will be completed in three phases. Throughout each phase, the BGAC will educate the public about this exciting project and all the Burr Gardens has to offer for residents to enjoy.

Phase 1

Restore the reflecting pond, fountain and Replant weeping cherry tree as it was at the wedding of John Hancock and Dorothy Quincy - Fairfield’s event of the season in 1775. 

Protect and Maintain the arboretum as a place where visitors can explore and learn.

Phase 2

Reimagine portions of the formal garden to reflect sustainable gardening practices and educate the public.


Construct walkways, lighting and fountains to invite greater public use as Fairfield’s largest and most significant historical public garden.

Phase 3

Establish a sculpture garden near the classical Georgian marble Exedra to elevate the beauty of the space.


Burr Gardens Advisory Committee

The Burr Gardens Advisory Committee (BGAC) has been established by the Town of Fairfield Board of Selectmen (BOS) to help create a beautiful and well-maintained public open space that will:

- Reflect and Enhance the historic significance of the Burr Homestead gardens 

- Create opportunities for community education

- Help facilitate the property’s use for special events.

Committee members include:

Lisa Callahan

Jennifer Downing

Robert Twardzik, Chairman

Laura Fasano

Tara Backe

Shana Wiswell

Karen Winget

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